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A review of, an online dating site for singles over Talk, text, and leave voicemails while keeping your personal phone number private. Gifts.

Created by Counter Arts. Dating sims are not my thing; I find them tedious and repetitive. Avan Story is an adventure game with Anime visual style made by Anigu studio. Players will role-play as Daniel, a businessman who got lost into a world called Ikai. But before you think it's just another "lost" story, Avan Story provides much more than Government experiments on a young girl triggered a cosmic shock wave that gifted many young girls with mystical powers. She re-emerges into the world and vows to destroy all of mankind in an act of revenge. A brave group of girls who embraced their powers In Vanneth, the world above, and under the direction of God coexist two races charged with the oversight of Kalenthia—or in other words, the world below.

These two races are: Unhack is an action puzzle x visual novel title featuring a story about greed and self acceptance. The 5K Worm is corrupting the digital world. Battle the virus and discover who is behind these crimes.

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Meet ally and enemy AI throughout this ten episode Download the demo now! Set in the distant future of , Earth and the colonies of Mars are at the brink of war. A bit like "Dokimeki Memorial", the hero can hav Vinty has been getting nowhere with her calligraphy. Her confidence has sunk to an all time low. As life pressures her toward giving up, will she forget why she pursued this craft in the first place? Without Within is a free visual novel that exp Echo Tokyo is a cyber punk open world dystopian visual novel game with dating sim components.

In this world you will play as either Shizume Misaki or Light Keiji. Each one will follow their own storyline in parrallel with the other, to give you the player Created by Stw Projects. Trick and Treat - Visual Novel Type: Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android A forest is the setting for this story, where our protagonist decides to Voices from the Sea. Follow the story of a young boy, Cantus as he meets Maris, the mysterious girl by the sea - an experience that will change his life forever. Collect seashells, unlock hidden Wallpapers, Theaters, and Side Stories as you sit back and enjoy this cute relaxin The project is currently on kickstarter and is seeking for help to compl From the makers of Sakura Spirit, Sakura Angels and Sakura Fantasy this time working together with the artist Inma to bring you this visual novel dating sim on the beach!

Seiji is a daydreamer who spends too much time thinking about space. When he was g The game tells the story of the hero and the heroine Gongsun Jiao in high school love story.

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Vinty is attending a calligraphy event over in Melbourne. At last, she will be able to meet Excelia, the world famous calligrapher. Determined to study and mimic her idol's every move, will Vinty end up losing her identity? Please feel free to ch Created by Agate Studio. Have you ever wondered where all the powerful knights and wizards came from? No one is born heroes.

It is your job, as the principal of The Academy of Might and Magic, to train and bring the best out of your young apprentices. This is what Valthirian A Created by Yangyang Mobile. The demo is feature complete, but not all content you'll see is finalized. We're working hard everyday t Restore the balance of light and shadow in the world! Created by Vysoko Anime Production. Dark psychological horror visual novel set in Manhattan. Alice is a young and attractive hostess doing what it takes to get by.

One evening she meets a mysterious girl which changes the way Alice looks on the world and makes her question her current life The world has suffered from a I still miss her. How far would you go, to take back your lover? A Wild Catgirl Appears! Synopsis A Wild Catgirl Appears follows the story of Ami, a loner at high school, as she joins the school's coding club and sets about making her first video game. They create Starla, an awesome catgirl ninja and create a figure to interact with th Angel Express [Tokkyu Tenshi].

Welcome to the realm of magic, monsters and fast-delivery-mail. Like every Messenger, you hope to join the elite ranks of the Angel Express. You'll need to b On October 30, , a group of ten friends gathers at a secluded mountain resort to spend the night of All Hallows' Eve together. However, what was originally intended to be a fun little Halloween party quickly turns into Created by Cotton Candy Cyanide. What makes someone perfect? Experience this short bittersweet story in the shoes of the main character, Jung, where you will spend your time hanging out with a girl named Ai.

Ai is everything Jung wishes for in a woman Created by Scarlet String Studios. Play the full game for free: It's about a memory that a boy named Mark tries very hard to forget, and a girl named Myra who unearths it. Together, they search for a storybook romance SoulSet Prologue Demo 2. Created by Wayward Prophet. Inspired by the Harvest Moon series, World's Dawn is a colorful life sim set in the sleepy farming village of Sugar Blossom.

It features vibrant top-down graphics and all of the charming gameplay you've come to expect from the genre — growing crops, tendin Created by Lee Yunseok. With all the power of the known world at her fingertips our lovely Drusilla has only one problem Drusilla Dreams is a shor The story is about the witch, Wicce, who lives deep inside the forest.

Her daughter departs on an errand to the village, but when night falls she still has not come back. With her daughter missing, Wicc Blue Bird is a Visual Novel Game. You will be playing as "Karin", a boy who lost his parents. That makes him want to give up his life. He struggles to step forward, and also just met 3 girls, "Arisa", "Chakiya", and "Kitapat". Adventure World used to be an R doujin game. We got a cute heroine and a small open world. You could have your own quest, slay monsters, collect weapons, act as a general adventure. NPC teammate could offer you various tactics during battle.

Learn Japanese To Survive! Created by Sleepy Duck. Hiragana Battle is an educational game that is the ideal introductory course to the Japanese language! Sweet Fruitcake is the exact opposite of all visual-novel games. The story takes place in our time in an alternative universe where the Soviet Union didn't collapse.

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After a series of unfortunate events you get an invitation a magic school to become the ul Created by GameUS Inc. Love in the Glen. The Motherworm has been destroyed, but there is no such thing as eternal peace. With the appearance of a masked AI known as Program X, cyberspace has been thrown back into chaos. The unhacker will answer the call and lead Smash Security into battle once About Aselia the Eternal combines hardcore strategy gameplay with an epic fantasy storyline to create a fantastic experience for gamers of all ages. Travel to a fantasy world and lead an army of cute girls in battle against powerful enemies.

This is a love theme text adventure game. The background is set in modern China after reform and opening up. This game demonstrates the love story in High School in China. Although time is set in modern society of China,relationship of lovers between Bloody Chronicles - New Cycle of Death. Summary of Story The story follows several young children who have been previously manipulated by a secret organization with ancient alien technology.

These experiments resulted in the children having supernatural powers to step inside another living cr Princess Edge - Dragonstone. Story Hundreds years ago an ancient black dragon wreaked havoc in the realm of Arelia, bringing despair and calamity in to the land. A brave barbarian princess gifted with magic and prowess fought the dragon and used her body and sould to seal it f One year after the initial release, we are proud to announce the Palinurus Anniversary Edition, which features new sprites, backgrounds, music, a comp Break the Genius zero.

Being a huge fan of detective fiction, K, a high school student, is on the way to handle the case. Hi Steam Players, I am the creator of Riddled Corpses of Diabolical Mind, I present the new game that have been working for a long time with love and passion. Heart of Crown PC. Created by Culture Select. The Emperor has suddenly passed away, leaving seven heirs to the royal throne. Which princess will you promote in this battle of succession? Who will save the land from chaos and a war for the Crown!? Heart of Crown PC is both a careful one-to-one re-creat The game's story begins in the year , in a world where the majority of human populace exhibit mutated abilities.

This is a harsh environment for those who have no power whatsoever, with tragedy arising in their lives for the simple fact that XorceD - Sashiro's Laedrum. A dragon girl looks up at the endless sky. One day, he meets a dragon girl Mint while he trains alone in forest. The girl calls him Daddy although he never had a single girl friend.

Don't Die Dateless, Dummy! Choose your route carefully and win the heart of a special girl or you might end up a level 30 wizard! Will you walk the path of a changed man or realize your magical powers while succumbing to crippling despair and loneliess? Inspired by the plights of me Created by Kurisu No Patto. You will have to play the role of the protagonist, an ordinary young man whose life has given hi Created by Afterthought Studios.

An old farmer lives with his wife - However, he hasn't quite been himself lately. His mind wanders off, he forgets his daily routine and he often brings up things from the past. Created by Rockin' Android. Suguri Collection Ready, ignition, fight! Our Love Will Grow 2. Created by John Wizard. This sequel was made possible by the support for the first game so we are very grateful and have thus decided to provide the option of playing as a man or woman with the sequel.

Melting Hearts is it Created by Last Lotus Visual Novels. Do you remember that high school crush you never confessed your love to? Do you ever wonder what could have been if things had gone different back then? However, in this timeline, all the Samurai are inexplicably female. Wish -tale of the sixteenth night of lunar month-.

It is going to be released for FREE Schwarzesmarken - Kouketsu no Monshou [English Release]. A long time ago Tkl Online is for fans of: Zero and White were launched in and , respectively. At present, we are offering these two games to play Created by Waifu High. Story The protagonist had lied to his parents about having a girlfriend. His parents will be back soon and he needs to find one to present to them A unique battle system that forces you to think.

Insane bosses will break your brain. Created by Starbeam Studio. All of the girls will be animated! You are the Harem Protagonist! This is going to be an informal, humorous, fanservicey, dating sim game that will play on the tropes of the Harem genre. Our story starts out with you being born in Created by Unwonted Studios. When Kouichirou Nabatame, a high-ranking member of the Kodokushi, turned his back on his kingdom, his former allies spared no expense in tracking him down. They pursued him for weeks, burning down village after village, all in order to find and execute the Go Go Burunyanman Ecstasy!!!

A cute yet solid shoot'em up from Japan! An extremely popular game that is rocking the Japanese shoot'em up industry may come to Steam! Don't let the cute characters deceive you! Although the controls are very simple, everyone from beginners to pros Created by Vision Interactive Studio. First second element girl casual VR game , players play from a future world of mechanical mosquito , in order to purify the human due to environmental degradation and pollution of blood ,you will use the time machine back to the 21 century , while peeping No One But You.

There is no one who is more sincere with their words Visual novel developed by Key Story. Created by Rooster Teeth Games. Get ready for intense combat action as you battle Grimm across familiar locations of Remnant including new areas never before se This is an isolated town, a town of memories that have been forgotten by its people. However, this small town has not been quiet and peaceful since the murders began. Old memories have been awoken by the tragedy that began this summer. Gun Wings is a bullet-hell shooting game. You play as one of three cybernetically enhanced girls: Kou, Hakuchou, or Uguisu.

Try to destroy the unknown alien life forms and save humanity! Always The Same Blue Sky Created by Crimson Night. Always The Same Blue Sky is an enchanting visual novel like no other. A gripping fantastical love story about two young souls, each struggling to make sense of the world in their own way. Complemented by breathtaking artwork and an addictive soundtrack, th Chelsea and the 7 Devils. From the creator of the Gundemonium Collection comes a thrilling new 2D action-platformer!

Battle through a large, connected ma In the beautiful and explosive side-scrolling dimension of Gasyukal, you're Yunou - the only magician powerful enough to control the mysterious and volatile magic known as Pale Mist. Charge into six chapters of non-stop action, twisting and turning through Players can brawl it out and beat each other senseless in this fun fighting game.

The game has vari One day the High School attendant went to rescue a sweet young girl who was stuck between flames, but whilst doing so his life ended in that blazi Created by Naarassusi Game. Many, many years ago, when the grass was greener, my beard was shorter and my waist was slimmer, I put my hands on one board game. What can you achieve? In order to rebuild the world, we need strong people, who can become the new leaders of the countries. Once a month, in every country of MarketGlory, there are elections.

All the citizens can stand for the supreme function of Prime Minister. Each citizen has the right to vote and, following the free expressed votes, the government of each country will be elected. This will consist of a Prime Minister and 7 ministers. The members of the government have responsibilities: Stand for the function! The referrals are a key element of the new economy, and they can generate constant incomes with minimal effort on your behalf. Invite your friends to subscribe and increase the number of referrals you have. In the Affiliates menu, you have a link which you can send to all your friends, who will become your referrals.

You receive a daily bonus for each active referral you own, but also a percentage of their incomes. Moreover, you have the possibility to buy or sell referrals, on the Referral Market, or you can block them on any period you wish, if you consider them profitable. Be the Master of as many referrals as possible and increase your income! The government trusts the citizens who work constantly. You do not only get a salary, but you also receive points of experience for each day of work, which will help you develop your character and have greater incomes.


Do you wish to develop quicker? Test your leadership skills and conquer the world! It is your chance! Put your leader abilities to test and conquer the world!

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  • For a start, create your own organization of fighters, an army to help you win the fight against other countries. Only the organizations can attack, and the leader of the organization will become the emperor of the conquered country. It is easy to increase your incomes, if you gather a trustworthy army, on which you can count. It is important to mention that the Emperor does not take the functions of the Prime Minister, and the political functions do not change, either. It is YOU who can conquer the world, alongside your army! Market transactions determine the exchange rates.

    The exchange rate is fluctuant, as a result of the transactions on the market, and now you have the possibility to speculate it. You have 80 national currencies, of which you can choose in order to increase your income. When you buy a currency, the exchange rate goes up, and when you sell, it goes down. Follow the fluctuations of the exchange rates and you can become a successful broker! Arena is the place where you can unleash yourself!

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    Arena is the place where you can unleash your power! Buy weapons and make sure you have the energy needed to challenge and fight your opponents. Of course, your endeavor will not remain unrewarded. Moreover, every battle you win will reward you with attack and defense points, which you can use in a war, to conquer new territories. God is the highest level you can achieve in the Arena, all you have to do is to fight to win this title. Develop your companies and help your country's economy to recover! Help the economy of your country to recover!

    Choose the type of company which suits you best, of: You can help your company develop faster, through upgrades, which will considerably decrease your production costs. Administrate the company carefully, in order to increase your profit. You have the possibility to sell your products either on the local market or on the global one.